VTC - desktop video counting

VTC is Roadometry's primary product; a desktop application for counting traffic in pre-recorded or live video footage.

Who is VTC targeted at?

  • VTC is targeted at traffic surveyors, civil engineers, transportation planners and anyone who performs a large volume of traffic surveys.

What do I need to get started with VTC?

  • VTC requires a Windows PC meeting our hardware requirements. Once your PC is prepared, you can download VTC and start counting immediately. VTC can process footage from most cameras; having a good view-point is the most important factor.

What can't VTC do?

  • VTC cannot produce accurate speed estimates
  • VTC cannot identify vehicles by license-plate
  • VTC cannot classify custom object categories

How does the license work?

  • VTC licenses allow permanent use without any time-limit. VTC software updates and support are available for a monthly subscription fee.