VTC System

VTC System is a complete package including VTC software and a desktop PC suitable for processing high volumes of footage.

Who is VTC System targeted at?

  • VTC System is targeted at users who want a complete traffic-counting desktop system without the effort of sourcing a PC themselves. VTC System ensures that you get a working system on your first try, eliminating the risk of ordering the wrong components.

What do I need to get started with VTC System?

  • VTC System includes everything you need (except footage) to get started counting.

What can't VTC System do?

  • VTC System has the same limitations as the base VTC software
  • VTC System requires the additional VTC Dashboard for remote real-time monitoring

How does the license work?

  • VTC System includes a permanent license for a single copy of VTC desktop software. This allows the user to count unlimited footage without any deadline, with no additional fees.